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Presentation of the Moine family, Another Life ...


What led us, Estelle & Sébastien, to this choice of life in a horse-drawn trailer?

Our children? Are you fed up with this system? Or even a desire for absolute freedom?

A bit of all these reasons and to understand we have to go back a few years.


We met a little over ten years ago, we were young and carefree with the life we were going to head towards.

Estelle being suffering from a disease since her birth, a pathology which affects her kidneys and her liver, irreversible according to the doctors, who at the time, already planned a kidney transplant before her 25 years, we began to be aware that we were very fleeting.


After a few years of living together, we ended up getting married, and during those years, we both worked. Sometimes we just crossed paths, and even with two salaries we had a hard time making ends meet. Anyway in a society that promotes consumerism, how could we get out of it?


We understood that something was wrong, so we ended up deciding that Estelle had to stop working, primarily for her health, but mainly because we wanted a child together.

At the same time, Sébastien changed his profession in order to be as close as possible to nature, especially after having detected cyclothymic disorders in him (you do not know cyclothymia? This little link can help you better understand it: Goupil or face ).


We therefore saw several health specialists who all strongly advised us against conceiving a child for Estelle's health, telling us that there was very little chance of achieving it and that Estelle risked leaving her. own life by wanting to give it.


Despite the risks announced, we decided to give it all and design Kalyan.

We have learned to detach from oneself, from others and to accept that death is an integral part of life.

Against all the doctors' expectations and despite Estelle's refusal to take medication, the pregnancy went very well and Kalyan ended up joining our little family.


We ended up leaving the area where Estelle grew up and settled into a beautiful house that we were ready to buy in order to start professionally.


Was that enough to satisfy us? Obviously no!


When we realized that the daily life we were living was horrible, locked up most of the time, conditioned in fear of the other, fear of the unknown. We shouldn't be afraid to live!


At the beginning we wanted to change the world, but to change the world, don't we have to start with ourselves?


In the end, for us, the basis of life lies in Love! Do not carry hatred in us, nor jealousy towards the other, no remorse because life is only experiences. Do not live in fear either, but in confidence in life.


All the bad feelings, especially not to cultivate them in us because it only corroded us from the inside.

So we rather prefer to bring love, to live in compassion, trust, altruism, brotherhood and that is what makes us vibrate.


We didn't want Kalyan to grow up in a world where we were no longer in control of our lives, no longer knowing anything about the value of his own life, of all life.


So we decided to leave, leave everything and take to the road, instinctively we chose the horse-drawn trailer in order to be in harmony with ourselves, without realizing what was to follow at the time. We wanted to separate ourselves from all that is material, to make our life a journey at the foot of horses, of man, around the world. To reconnect with nature, make extraordinary encounters, learn from others, see indescribable landscapes. Living our dream quite simply rather than dreaming our life.


Did we have the financial means? Of course not.


Even by selling everything we owned we could not afford to do so.

However, our determination only intensified after the birth of Kaès, our second child, still amazed by the doctors.

We understood that we were not thinking correctly to succeed in this project. We therefore detached ourselves from the money, since we didn't have any anyway. It is from this moment that everything is unlocked.


We made the right meetings which allowed us to set up our other life. We believed in Life, and because of that we are now on the road, and life is teaching us everything we needed to learn.


And do we have a goal?


The goal, if we can call it that, is to see our children grow up, to educate them outside a world that we reject, which advocates competition, individualism, consumerism and to offer them another alternative life.

We left the common space-time with this choice of life and could not go back. We now see things a lot differently than before and love this lag.

Life has taught us that we own nothing, and nothing owns us. We accept every moment and see only the positive or the teaching.


Either way, it is we who create the life we live, we just have to believe in it, and choose whether we prefer to live our fears, or our dreams. The impossible does not exist.


Today after several months on the roads, we let ourselves be guided by our instincts and live extraordinary experiences at every moment.

We get to know each other and sometimes get the impression that we are just a spectator of our lives.


We can only thank Life for all of this.

🌹 La famille Moine 🌹