Want to help us ? Or fancy a gift?

Life is so generous, and it is thanks to (in) you. We manage to exchange our time, for goods and services, and when we cannot, well we use an exchange tool called money, even if today it has mainly become a tool. of social domination ...

We much prefer to trade, and if we are working for cash, it's free!

Do you like our project? And you want to give a helping hand? We will put it to good use and you will be informed of what your donation has been used for. Here are a few examples:

-Educational and pedagogical material for our children and also for activities during our visits to schools.

-Consumable for workshops (potting soil, bucket, seeds, tools to leave to students, etc ...)

-Our personal cash for essential purchases ...

Additionally, you will notice that our website does not contain any advertising, and we do not want to! So by making a donation, you are also supporting the sharing of the Une Autre Vie site!

To get your gift: send us a private message in contact or instant messaging, with your address and the name that corresponds to your donation, we will send you a gift, from the family postcard, to the small caravan keychain.

We do not sell anything, you make a donation, for us it is normal that you have a gift.

If you want a gift without making a donation click here or on the image, we donate without necessarily waiting in return!




You can make a payment directly online to our Paypal account, if you wish to make a transfer, check (not very practical for us) or cash, contact us directly and we will give you our RIB.

The Moine Family (Estelle & Sébastien)

CCAS Esnandes

Town hall, avenue de la République

Flat for sale in 17137 Esnande